Erick Garcia

Graduate Research Assistant
Master's in Software Engineering

Erick is a graduate student that aims to graduate in summer 2030, interested in Semantic Web technologies and development of mobile apps. Within iLink @Cyber-ShARE he created a dynamic website that serves as a way to share information within the research group.

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  • done Semantic-based Data Integration and Exchange for a Research Group.

    Design and development of the iLink website functionality to retrieve data from other sources and expose the research information as RDF triples
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  • done DBOWLizer Project

    Development of a tool for the automatic design of expressive ontologies from normalized relational databases. This approach extracts and represents information found in the database by examining its composition and automatically generate such mappings using rule-based heuristics.
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  • done Cyber-ShARE Orientation

    Each fall we have an orientation for all new and returning students associated with Cyber-Share. This is an opportunity to learn a bit more about the Center, our objectives, how your work fits into it, and what others are working on. It is also a time for us to reflect on what we have accomplished in the past and new directions we want to go in the future.
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  • done iLink Group Meetings

    The iLink research group meets every Monday at 11:00 am. Two research students present their current work on the session.
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  • done COURI Symposium

    The symposium is a unique opportunity for undergraduate researchers, scholars and artists to present and discuss their research with faculty, peers and the community. Students, come and see what you could be doing!
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  • done A Property Specification Tool for Generating Formal Specifications: Prospec 2.0.

    Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering.
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  • done A Technique for Using Model Checkers to Teach Formal Specifications

    Proceedings of the 21st IEEE-CS International Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEET).
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